Braam van Straaten – become involved


Welcome to Braam van Straaten’s space. Here you can chat, read what happens in the rugby arena, what his non-profit organization Care 4 Kings is up to, or contact Braam for opportunities.

Opportunities include entrepreneurial opportunities, brand ambassador, guest appearances, publicity, kicking clinics, involvement with the Care 4 Kings news team, and many more.


Braam van Straaten is a former Springbok rugby player. Braam played fly-half and inside center.

Braam is currently a rugby coach, entrepreneur, and chairman of the Care4Kings non-profit organization. Care4Kings goal to uplift and support rugby players, as well as sportsmen and women.

Braam believes Care4Kings can make a real difference in people’s lives. “Every person is a king in his own right, no matter what you excel in. We want to remind people of that, provide support where necessary and change the landscape of sport in South Africa for the better.”


Braam is hosting kicking clinics throughout the year, all around South Africa.
“I’ve been kicking for most of my life but can only now say that I fully understand the kicking skill in its totality. By understanding the skill, I can say with confidence that I have mastered the skill and am able to teach young and old alike how it feels to kick the PERFECT kick in less than three hours.
“Being technical astute is a skill that I would have loved to attain years ago. This would have given me the edge on all my pears. I would have been able to train a lot less and would have had even greater success as a professional.
“When I look at all kickers/strikers, I can see by the way they kick, that they’ve never attained the correct technical and biomechanical information to have a compact, injury-free, very powerful, and accurate kicking technique. This is only possible if you get the right guidance and technical information from a specialist like me.”
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